Happy Herd Nutritions, Inc. was purchased by Chris Briles and his family from Russellville, Alabama in May 2018.  This come about after Chris was a customer of Happy Herd the previous season and seen the results of the products with his own eyes.  The company was being made available and it was NO question for Chris.  Happy Herd Nutritions, Inc. is a premium attractant, mineral and feed company that prides itself in being the original developer of the tested and proven Happy Herd Coat “ALL”. This revolutionary  product completely changes the game for every hunter that uses it, being for deer, bear or hogs.  Happy Herd also uses the most scientifically proven, up to date, ingredients giving your Herd of animals the most beneficial nutrients in the industry today.  Included in our blends of minerals and feed you will find Vasodilators, Microencapsulated Probiotics and Chelated Minerals. Vasodilators increase the size of the blood vessels, hence, increasing the blood flow. Probiotics play a role in the mix to help with digestion and breakdown of the minerals, reducing core body temperature and overall stress on the herd.  Chelated minerals break down more easily and therefore easily absorbed by the animals. All these components ultimately giving your herd its best chance to reach its full genetic potential.  Happy Herd Nutritions, Inc. goal is to have a complete 100% customer satisfaction and will settle for nothing less.


Never put profits ahead of product quality, to provide the best Attractants, Minerals and Feed at the best prices possible, and keeping the hard working men and women first in our thoughts as we continue making our tested and proven products, as well as, developing new products for the future.